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 Emu Ecstasy  

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Emu Ecstasy
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  Emu Egg Ecstasy
  • Emu Eggs in the Kitchen

    • Emu eggs are great in the kitchen. The Emu egg is lower in cholesterol than normal eggs. It is lighter and fluffier as an omelet or scrambled. It takes less quantity when used in baking items such as bread or cake mixes.

    • Emu eggs are laid seasonally from November through April and are therefore not available year round. One can freeze the egg yolk and white for later use if need be.

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      Emulicious Emu Feathers
  • Get Emu Feathered...

  • The feathers of the Emu bird are double quilled, attractive and velvety to the touch. They are soft, light and non-allergic, which makes them the ideal material for a host of applications. They are in demand both in the fashion and in art and craft industries. They are used as feather duster, feather pad, fans, bows, masks, finishing metals prior to painting, weather-proof apparels, pillows, blazers, sweaters, jewellery, and craft items.

    • Organic, Cruelty-Free, Humanely Harvested. Emus shed their feathers naturally.

    • Make fabulous Organic emu feather hair extentions!!!

    • Hand craft your own emu feather purses:

    • See the detailed long description for more ideas

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