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Emulicious Emu Feathers
  •  Got Emu Feathers?

  • Emu Feathers are quite unique. They are double feathers – two complete feather joined at the base. They have 1 primary feather per quill and another secondary under the primary, therefore there are 2 unique feathers on 1 quill.

  • Make Groovy Emu Earings Emu Feather

  • Add to your favorite hat, combs and everything...

  • They vary in size depending on where they are on the body. Neck feathers are short, the back feathers are longer and the tail feather can be up to 15″ long. The tail feathers are quite coarse while the neck feathers are much softer. The neck feather are white with a black tip, while the rest are varying shades of brown.

  • Emu Feathers will take any color dye therefore it is an excellent craft item.

  • Emu feathers are great for crafters, boas, feather pillows and quilts. They are also used as stuffing in cushions, pillows and auto seats.

  • Fly fishermen like the Emu feathers to tie flies. The long tail feathers are great for tying while the shorter ones fan out and the barbs help “float” the fly.

  • Emu feathers are also anti-static so make good feather dusters for cleaning, especially for computer screens and other electronics.

  • Sold by the quill.

  • Price $37 

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